Protect employee drivers.
Minimize business risk.

Employees who use mobile phones or tablet computers to text, email, and browse the web while driving are not only a danger to themselves, they also pose a significant risk and liability to their employer. FleetSafer is software for corporate fleets that automatically promotes safe, legal and responsible use of mobile devices while driving.


Aegis offers the broadest portfolio of products to meet enterprise requirements for the safe and productive use of electronic devices in vehicles. While different products may be desired for different fleet requirements and vehicle situations, the Aegis portal provides a single unified view of policy configuration, administration, management, analytics and reporting across all products.

Product Comparison Matrix
Product Trigger Driving Detection Battery Life** Ease of Deployment Unique Value
FleetSafer® GPS <1 minute 24+ hours +++ Software-only solution is simple and inexpensive
FleetSafer® OBD <5 seconds 30+ hours ++ Incremental hardware device enables real-time trigger performance
FleetSafer® Telematics <1 minute 30+ hours ++ Leverages existing investments in telematics systems
FleetSafer® Vision No software required on the cellphone. Call records and telematics data are post-processed to provide conformance analytics and reports. Leverages existing telematics data to measure distracted driving behavior regardless of device type

 * Additional hardware and/or integration costs may be required to use this service
** Battery life is a function of device model, battery age and usage.
   Estimates provided are averages based on a broad cross-section of devices, batteries and usage scenarios.

Feature Enhancements


SafeDial™ is the first and only safe driving solution to fully foster compliance with new FMCSA cell phone regulations requiring any mobile phone calls made by interstate commercial drivers to be “one-touch” and hands-free in nature. SafeDial™ is a feature enhancement available on any of FleetSafer GPS, OBD or Telematics.


SafeApp™ is the first application manager that allows corporations to selectively allow applications permitted by company policy (ex. navigation) to be used while driving. SafeApp™ is a feature enhancement available on any of FleetSafer GPS, OBD or Telematics.